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CUCRA Agenda

Council of UC Retiree Associations
CUCRA Agenda — April 28, 2022
Spring "Conference"
Zoom Meeting hosted by UC Irvine


8:00 a.m.

Welcome: John Meyer

Approval of Minutes (10/28/2021): Patti Owen, Secretary

Chair's Report
    Overview of written update from the Executive Committee: John Meyer, Chair

Vice Chair's Report
    Nominations process for fall officer election: Sue Abeles, Vice Chair

New member orientation initiative: Marianne Schnaubelt, Sue Abeles

Information Officer's Update
    CUCRA Retiree Reports initiative: Bob Daly, Information Officer

Travel Program Update: Sue Barnes

Financial Matters

  • Actions in response to Internal Audit
  • Vote for adoption of investment policy
  • IRS Tax Filing Exemption Update: whew
  • Treasurer's Report
    • 2021 Financials as of December 31st
    • 2022 Financials as of March 31st

John Dahl,Treasurer

10:00 — 12:00

Open discussion and assessment of issues of interest since fall conference

    • Brief sharing of highlights from each campus/lab association
    • Retirement Administration Service Center
      (RASC rebuild) Response timeliness, survivors processing, retirement processing
    • Navitus Rx Administrator
    • Support for Retiree Centers
    • UCOP Advisory committee development
      purpose/role, relationship to JBC
    • CUCRA outreach/support to local associations
    • CUCRA reserves study group
    • Other?



Download/View a PDF version of the CUCRA Agenda