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CUCRA / CUCEA April 2022 Meeting

April 27 and 28, 2022
a Zoom Meeting
hosted by UC Irvine


What have those Anteaters been up to since 1965? This "little" campus in the middle of Irvine company grazing land is now a major research university of 37,000 students. Take some time to explore UCI or use the links below to start your exploration.

UCI Vision for Health Affairs: "We do not practice medicine, we create it": Feb 16, 2022 Presentation to the Regents on UCI Health Services

UCI History:

UCI Exciting Research:

LIVE and Virtual UCI Campus Tours
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Held Tuesdays and Thursdays, these one-hour live tours will be led by a campus representative through UCI's stunning campus and include plenty of time for Q&A. Or Explore our virtual tour for 360° views of our stunning campus.

FRESH (UCI Basic Needs Hub):
Factoid: In 2019 UCI Emeriti and Retirees donated 172 lbs of food at the last in-person Annual Reception.