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CUCRA Retiree Surveys

CUCRA periodically surveys University of California retirees about their activities, contributions, and accomplishments during retirement. The most recent survey was conducted in 2020.

2020 Survey

The 2020 survey report, "UC Retirees: Generous Talents, Enduring Community; University of California Retiree Activities; January 2017 through September 2020" (PDF), highlights the accomplishments and activities of University of California retirees who responded to a survey in fall 2020.

The report describes the extent to which respondents remained committed to UC's mission, volunteering in their communities and for UC, providing professional services, publishing written works, caregiving and more. For many of these retirees, retirement did not signal a break from the University, but rather a shift in the relationship.

Additional survey resources and information can be viewed by following the links below.

Note: The PDF of the survey report was updated on April 26, 2021, to correct an error on the Philanthropy page. The number of 2016-17 donors for UC San Diego is now correctly shown as 124, not 24. The error does appear in the print version of the report.

2016 Survey

  • Report: "UC Retirees; Advocates, Ambassadors, Assets; University of California Retiree Activities; July 2013 through September 2016"
  • Retiree Survey Questionaire (PDF)

CUCRA Survey Goals

  • Enable CUCRA, its member retirees associations, and retiree centers to advocate more effectively on behalf of UC retirees.
  • Help the UC President's Office and campus and laboratory administrators better understand the contributions made by retirees to UC and the broader community.
  • Assist UC retirees associations and retiree centers create and improve upon programs for retirees.
  • Provide retirees with comprehensive information about their collective contributions and achievements