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June 2020 - Special Meeting

Council of the University of California Retiree Associations (CUCRA) Meeting Minutes, June 25, 2020, Tax Compliance Zoom meeting


Sue Abeles (UCLA), Shem Ablakatof-Clow (UCSD), Roger Anderson (UCSC), Lynn Bailiff (UCB), Sue Barnes (UCLA), Jo Anne Boorkman (UCD), Nancy Brown (LBNL), Mike Chandler (UCD), John Dahl, Treasurer (UCLA), Bob Daly, Information Officer (UCR), Jim Dolgonas (UCOP), Lee Duffus, Past Chair ((UCSC), Elaine Fox (UCLA), Marian Gade (UCB), Jeff Garberson (LLNL), Jon Good (UCOP), Jill Halvaks (UCI), Gail Harden, Secretary (UCSF), Adrian Harris (UCLA), Mary Johnson (UCR), Caroline Kane (UCB), Joe Lewis, Vice Chair (UCOP), Robert Mann (UCSB), Bill Newton (UCOP), Sandra Norberg (UCSF), Cristina L. Otegui (UCR), Patti Owen (UCB), Harry Powell (UCSD), Pat Price (UCI), Barbara Rhomberg (guest), Marianne Schnaubelt, Chair (UCI), Bernadette Strobel (UCI), Antonia Sweet (UCB), Frank Trueba (UCSC), Kyle Urban (UCD).

    1. Call to Order - Marianne Schnaubelt
      • Chair Marianne Schnaubelt called the meeting to order at 2:00 p.m., thanked everyone for their participation and gave logistics for the zoom meeting.
      • Marianne remembered John and Carol Pitts who passed away recently. John was a past secretary of CUCRA.
      • Please inform Bob Daly, our Information Officer, of any changes to your CUCRA representation.
      • Marianne thanked Myrna Davis for her assistance with the zoom meeting .
    2. Nominations Committee - Joe Lewis.
      • The Nominations Committee currently consists of Joe and Toni Sweet. Sandra Norberg volunteered to join the committee.
      • In the fall there will be elections for three officers: Chair, Vice Chair, and Secretary. Joe has received some suggestions and reminded us that officers can be elected from current or past Council members or alternates. Please contact Joe with recommendations.
    3. CUCRA Survey - Jon Good

      The Survey committee has been meeting since May. Jon shared the timeline for Survey II which has five phases:

      1. Define the survey instrument.
      2. Build the online survey tool, conduct the survey (October 1-23) and build a communications plan.
      3. Analyze the report and compare the results of survey II to survey I.
      4. Prepare report for publication and distribute report. This will include guidance on how to use the survey.
      5. Measure the value of the survey.

      Jon emphasized the importance of communications during this survey period. He requests that each association identify a point person to work with center directors and to contribute digital images and web material for inclusion in the final report by February 28, 2021.

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    4. Tax Compliance Issue Introduction - Marianne Schnaubelt

      Marianne made several points:

      • John has been working on this issue for over two years. The Tax Compliant Task Force, John, Marianne, and Joe, have been working on this issue together for almost one year, so we are not rushing into anything.
      • CUCEA has been kept informed of our activities. CUCEA representatives have been invited to attend today's meeting. A merger of the two groups is not being considered at this point.
      • Barbara Rhomberg, the attorney we are consulting with, is also attending this meeting.
      • Lee Duffus and Marian Gade previewed the tax information document distributed prior tothis meeting, and gave feedback.

    1. Tax Compliance Issue - John Dahl
      • At the April zoom meeting, a motion was made to table the motion to approve CUCRA incorporating itself to become a nonprofit corporation and approve the proposed Articles of Incorporation with the suggested phrasing changes made. Marion moved that this motion be taken from the table and the motion was passed unanimously.
      • John reviewed the e-mail he sent to the Council. Filing a tax return is an ethical issue, CUCRA needs to become tax compliant with federal and state laws. There is one main choice to be made: Continue as an unincorporated association (as we are now) or incorporate. In either case we would file for tax exempt status. Benefits of both options were reviewed. The Tax Compliance Task Force, in consultation with the Office of the President and Barbara Rhomberg, recommends that we remain an unincorporated corporation and file for tax exemption with the IRS under the designation of a social welfare organization which is called a Section 501(c)4. This designation does not allow us to accept tax deductible donations.
      • A motion was made and seconded that CUCRA continue as an unincorporated association, as it is now, and file for tax exemption with a 501(c)4 designation. Vote was 17 in favor, 1 opposed, the motion carried.
      • A second motion was made and seconded to approve an additional $3,000 for attorney services. The motion was passed unanimously.
      • Next steps:
        • Complete a 1024A application
        • Update the bylaws (done by The Bylaws committee) to include dissolution language and a travel clause. Bylaws will be voted on at the fall CUCRA meeting.
        • File the application with the IRS and the Franchise Tax Board.
        • File a 990 tax form.

Meeting was adjourned by Marianne Schnaubelt at 4:15 pm.

Minutes written by Gail Harden
CUCRA Secretary, July 24, 2020

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Download the PDF version of the June 2020 Minutes