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CUCRA Agenda

Council of UC Retiree Associations
CUCRA Agenda — October 26, 2023

Fall Conference
Hosted by UC Davis


7:30 a.m.

Buffet breakfast available for in-person attendees


8:30 a.m.



Approval of Minutes (10/27/2022)

Patti Owen, Secretary


Chair's Report
    Overview of written update from the Executive Committee

John Meyer, Chair


Vice Chair's Report
    Nominations process for fall 2023
    Call for volunteers: 2020-24 Retirees Survey

Sue Abeles, Vice Chair


Report on new member orientation

Marianne Schnaubelt
Sue Abeles


Travel program trends update
    (in advance of finance report)

Sue Barnes


Treasurer's Report
    Financial report as of 9/30/2023
    Projections through 12/31/2023
    Estimated revenue allocation for 2024
    Proposed 2024 budget (discussion and approval)

John Dahl


Information Officer's Update

Bob Daly,
Information Officer

10:00 a.m.

Conversation with UC Retirement System Investment Directors


  Host: Eric Vermillion.
  ● UCRS Personnel Marco Merz
    (Head of Defined Contribution),
  ● Arthur Guimaraes
    (Chief Operating Officer),
  ● Satish Swamy
    (Head of Fixed Income)
Overview of defined contribution programs with emphasis on fixed income options.


11:00 a.m.

Feedback on hybrid meeting format; discussion of future meeting formats

11:15 a.m.

Open forum on Association issues


12:00 noon

  (Grab and go boxed lunch are avialble for in-person attendees)


Download/View a PDF version of the CUCRA Agenda