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CUCRA Agenda

Council of UC Retiree Associations
CUCRA Agenda — April 27, 2023

Spring "Conference"
Zoom Meeting hosted by UC Santa Barbara

8:00 a.m.



Approval of Minutes (10/27/2022)

Patti Owen, Secretary


Chair's Report
    Overview of written update
    from the Executive Committee

John Meyer, Chair


Treasurer's Report
    Revenue allocations to association (net of dues)
    Internal audit (with David Olson)
    IRS and State Filing Exemption complete
    Financials as of year ending 12/31/22
        and quarter ending 3/31/23

John Dahl


Vice Chair's Report
    Nominations process for fall 2023
      a. Recruitment of Nominations
            Committee volunteers
    Association comments on future
      meetings format

Sue Abeles, Vice Chair


Report on new member orientation

Marianne Schnaubelt
Sue Abeles


Information Officer's Update
    Role of the Information Officer

Bob Daly,
Information Officer

11:00ish — 12:00

Conversation with Association


How can CUCRA better engage with association Presidents and CUCRA Representatives?

Priorities, challenges, future initiatives


(A break will be taken when Zoom indicates increasing number of heavy eyelids, participants nodding off, and/or excessive squirming in seats)


Download/View a PDF version of the CUCRA Agenda