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CUCRA Agenda

Council of UC Retiree Associations
CUCRA Agenda — October 27, 2022

Fall Conference
Zoom meeting hosted by the UC Berkeley

8:00 a.m.


Approval of Minutes (4/28/2022)

Patti Owen, Secretary


Chair's Report
    Overview of written update
    from the Executive Committee

John Meyer, Chair


Vice Chair's Report
    Nominations Committee
      a. Announcement of Officer Election Results (Andy Plumley)
    Ad Hoc Committee report on CUCRA Reserve Policy
      a. Amendment to Standing Orders
      b. Background on "Additional thoughts for Consideration"

Sue Abeles, Vice Chair


Reminder: new member orientation available

Marianne Schnaubelt
Sue Abeles


Information Officer's Update

Bob Daly,
Information Officer


Travel Program Update

Sue Barnes


Treasurer's Report

  • IRS and State Filing Exemption Update
  • 2022 Financials as of September 30
  • Approval of 2023 Budget


John Dahl,

10:30 — 12:00

Conversation with Association Presidents

An open discussion to share board roles, challenges, campus support, programs and activities with Presidents, Vice Presidents and CUCRA representatives. Presidents will be asked to provide the following summary about their associations

  • President and Vice Presidents and other board member roles and responsibilities
  • Challenges and successes from each association
  • Membership benefits, services, programs and events
  • Campus support and partnerships


Facilitated by
Andy Plumley, President
UC Riverside Retirees' Assoc.


Download/View a PDF version of the CUCRA Agenda