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What is CUCRA?

In 1993 representatives of the retiree associations from the nine University of California campuses and three University-managed DOE laboratories organized the Council of University of California Retiree Associations (CUCRA).

Their goal was to provide a single organization that could speak for the many University and laboratory retirees on issues that could affect retiree benefits and privileges. Each campus, Laboratory and Office of the President/Regents retiree association has one representative and one alternate who attend CUCRA meetings twice a year (fall and spring) at the various UC locations.

Through a provision in Regents Policy 5203, CUCRA and its 13 member associations are officially recognized by the University as Affiliated Organizations (PDF).

CUCRA is led by five officers elected by the Council: Chair, Vice Chair/Chair Elect, Secretary, Treasurer, and Information Officer.

As expressed in CUCRA's By-Laws its specific purposes are:

  • to obtain, enhance, and disseminate appropriate and meaningful information among its constituents;
  • to encourage each campus and national laboratory to organize and maintain an active retirees organization;
  • to be an advocate for all retirees of the University;
  • to foster further study of benefits and privileges of staff retirement;
  • and to maintain mutually supportive relations between the University and retirees.

CUCRA and most of its member associations are members of the Association of Retirement Organizations in Higher Education (AROHE).