UC Retiree Activity Survey

October 3, 2016

The UC Retiree Activity Survey is sponsored by the Council of UC Retiree Associations (CUCRA)*; the retiree association at each UC campus, laboratory, and the UC Office of the President; and the seven UC campus retiree centers.

The purpose of this first systemwide survey is to benefit staff and non-Senate academic retirees by documenting their post-employment activities and contributions. Responses to the survey will be used to:
• Help the UC Office of the President and campus and laboratory administrators better understand the many contributions made by retirees,
• Enable CUCRA, retiree associations, and retiree centers to advocate more effectively on behalf of UC retirees,
• Provide retirees with comprehensive information about their collective contributions and achievements, and
• Assist local retiree associations and centers create and improve programs for retirees.

Click here to take the survey.

UC Travel Interest Group Program

The CUCRA Travel Program benefits the CUCRA treasury, and member Associations are encourged to make program information widely available to retirees through association events and newsletters.

CUCRA's travel maven, Frances Fernandes, has arranged tours for 2017. Further information about UC travel opportunities is available by contacting Collette Vacations. When conferring with Collette staff, retirees should be certain to indictate their UC afilliation.

UCSD's "Magic Ingredients," Presentation

The summary of a power point presented at the CUCRA-CUCEA Joint Meeting on April 30, 2015, at San Diego.

UC Wellness Program

An overview of UC's "Living Well" program is available here. This powerpoint was presented at the joint CUCRA-CUCEA meeting on October 23, 2014.

Los Angeles Food Insecurity Survey

The 2014 report and survey template.

Berkeley Survey Regarding OneExchange (Extend Health)

The Berkeley Retirement Center surveyed out-of-state, Medicare-eligible retirees about their experiences with outsourced medical care via OneExchange.

2013 CUCRA Survey of Member Associations

Member association responses to a brief survey of their organizational structures, relationships with UC, and operational and programmatic information.

Encore Careers and Programs

"Second Act" careers are pursued by many retirees who want to make meaningful contributions in their post-UC years. The following organizations can assist retirees make connections with organizations seeking retirees' expertise.

Encore, ReServe, Executive Service Corps, Taproot Foundation, Catchafire, Encore Fellowships, Score

UC Affiation

In 2012, the status of UC's retiree and emeriti associations was clarified by President Yudof.

Liability Insurance

A downloadable power point presentation is available here.

UCRP Report for 2011-12

The Annual Report for the Retirement System is available here.

2013 Retiree Health & Welfare Program

Click here for a copy of a UCOP presentation. This includes important information about the Health Care Benefits Work Group that is actively seeking "ways to continue to deliver high value health and welfare benefits programs while controlling these costs."

Retiree Surveys

Based on the survey instruments recently administered by other associations, the UCSF Association prepared a common survey instrument that may be adapted by any member association for its own use.

The recent Survey and Summary of Findings conducted by the Davis Retiree Association.

Survey Monkey instrument used by the Davis Retiree Center.

Getting Personal Affairs in Order

A useful document for guiding retirees through the process of organizing their personal records and making their wishes known before their inevitable passing is available here. The check list was prepared by Adrian Harris, a member of the UCLA Retiree Association and chair of the Joint Benefits Committee.

Another related resource is available here from the University of Southern California's Emeriti Center.

UC Davis Retiree Center: From Concept to Reality

Charles Hess, emeritus professor and former chair of CUCEA, authored a brief paper on the development of the Retiree Center. It is available here.

Association Reports

The most recent Association reports are available under the Records tab.

CUCRA Brochure

A downloadable PDF of the brochure is available here. Member associations are encouraged to use it.