Laboratory Retiree Group
Los Alamos National Laboratory

Submitted by David Schiferl, President

The Laboratory Retiree Group (LRG) has a membership of about 500 with approximately 300 living in the Los Alamos area. Membership includes UC retirees, later Los Alamos National Security (LANS)-Triad retirees, and CalPERS (California Public Employee Retirement System) retirees. An estimated 2/3 members are UC retirees.

The LRG is basically comprised of two retiree groups. The UC retirees and the retirees from LANS or TRIAD as the latter two are really the same. The health and welfare benefits are by contract administered by the current prime contractor for LANL. And as always has been the case, the retiree health and welfare benefits have never been guaranteed, thus the need for LRG to always ensure that our benefits to continue.


Retirement LRG activities center around informing members of what is happening with their retirement benefits and how to deal with the various benefit entities, updates in retirement considerations applicable to all retirees, a list of LANL retiree deaths, and current Los Alamos news that keeps the distant network of retirees informed about Los Alamos. Retirement benefits, "In Memoriam," and Los Alamos updates are the top three items of interest to retirees. Newsletters are mailed to all members three times a year. The LRG does not send out e- newsletters.

Other activities consist of keeping up to date with Laboratory continuance of retiree medical and legal benefits programs, changes and options in those programs, and contact information about benefits and retirement assistance sources. The LRG maintains personal telephone and email assistance to LRG members and nonmember retirees regarding health and other benefits, and encourages DOE and Laboratory community presentations to update retirees regarding their benefits. Retiree benefits assistance is not a feature of the Laboratory Benefits Office.

In better times (without COVID-19) LRG has held (and hopes to hold again) an Annual Meeting in May at which the participants receive a free lunch, listen to presentations by our officers and local speakers on community news, a Q&A session, and a business meeting to nominate and elect new officers. However, we holding our Annual Meeting in 2023 remotely because the danger of Covid is still high — especially for older people.


Scholarship support is consistent and strong. The LRG maintains an annual LANL Workforce Retirees scholarship for high school seniors in Los Alamos and nearby communities.


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