Livermore Laboratory Retirees Association
Report to CUCRA
April 2023

Submitted by Jeff Garberson, CUCRA Representative

We are pleased to have started holding monthly luncheon meetings again. Speaker topics have included a discussion of the nature of time and a description with photos of diving in Pacific island lagoons relevant to World War II. Our membership, around 200 when the pandemic started, has now increased to over 500. Beyond the resumed luncheon meetings, we publish a short electronic newsletter on topics ranging from community events to Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory news to select matters of science and medicine. We sometimes publish updates on UC benefits, policies and news and on the retiree healthcare lawsuit, which was settled several years ago.

We are not charging dues at this time but will likely start charging again to cover additional expenses. Past experience shows that dues can bring a decline in membership.

Associations's volunteer programs: None. Board members are the only volunteers within LLRA.

Member benefits (parking, discounts, etc.): Access to the luncheons and e-newsletter.

Status of the Retirement Center: We have no Retirement Center.


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