Lawrence Livermore Retiree Association Report
Report to CUCRA
April 2022

Submitted by Jeff Garberson, CUCRA Representative, Lawerence Livermore Retirees Association

LLRA has had no face-to-face meetings since the start of the pandemic. It communicates with members through an electronic newsletter every few weeks. We have discussed resuming monthly luncheons, which used to be our main activity, but a survey showed that not enough RA members would attend to justify the expense.

Newsletter topics range from community event notices to information about benefits being paid out from settlement of a class action health care lawsuit against the University of California.

Associations's volunteer programs: There are no volunteer programs. Board members are the only volunteers within LLRA.

Association's member benefits None other than the emailed newsletter.

Status of the Retirement Center: There is no Retirement Center for LLRA.

Plans for the next year or two: We hope to be able to restart monthly luncheons.


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