Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory CUCRA Report for Spring 2022

Submitted by Nancy Brown, Ex-Ls CUCRA representative

Membership: Our in-person activities continue to be limited by the COVID-19 pandemic, and it has made it more difficult to recruit new members and new officers for the Ex-Ls.

Concers: The use of Zoom for the EX-Ls virtual luncheons has allowed us to alleviate some of the impacts of COVID isolation and has the unexpected benefit of allowing retirees, who have moved away from the Bay Area or who have limited mobility, to attend the talks. While we are anxious to resume in-person meetings, we will try to continue Zoom talks for those not able to attend in person. We hope to resume in-person meetings in late summer.

Activities: The Ex-Ls continue our quarterly "luncheons and speaker series" on Zoom. Two new talks were given since our last CUCRA meeting: November, 2021 Sarah G. Allen, Ph.D. "Elephant Seals, Sea Level Rise and Coastal Restoration at Point Reyes National Seashore;" February, 2022 Carol Burns, Ph.D, LBNL newly appointed Deputy Lab Director for Research, "Conversation with Deputy Lab Director for Research Carol Burns." We are excited to celebrate the Ex-Ls 40th Anniversary at the Berkeley Yacht Club in August.

Retirement Center Interactions: We are grateful for the considerable support that Cary Sweeny and Camille Koue provide for us from the Berkeley Retirement Center. Most recently they have been working with LBNL HR to inform employee groups of the resources they offer and to expand the reach of the Ex-Ls. We also appreciate the various lectures that are presented virtually by the Center.


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