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Activity Update for SPRING 2021 CUCRA/CUCEA Conference
October 27&28, 2021, UC San Francisco, via Zoom

Submited by: Mike Chandler, President, UC Davis Retirees' Association

I again start with the COVID 19 impact because this pandemic continues to result in many changes for our Association as I am sure it has with yours. This past year we have had no in-person meetings. However, beginning in November, next month, we will resume in-person meetings, thank goodness.

Our Immediate Past President: Immediate Past President, John Meyer, serves as your/our CUCRA chair. When asked about his CUCRA priorities, John stated that he wants to continue to help the RACS transition to a more user friendly organization as well as focus on the Health Care Principals program.

Biannual Meetings with Chancellor, Provost, and Vice Chancellor of Development: The Retiree's and Emeriti Associations again met with the Chancellor, Provost, and Vice Chancellor of Development and Alumni Relations in the summer of 2021. During the meeting we provided Association updates.

Retirtee Parking: UCD Retirees continue to receive free parking privileges. This benefit will continue as we transition to the new Park Mobile program.

Picnic Day Retiree Honoree: As of now, it looks like we will have our 2022 Picnic Day Parade and Celebration this April. As such, the UCDRA will recognition Calvin E. Handy. Mr. Handy served as the campus police chief from 1993 until his retirement in 2005, retiring as Police Chief, Emeritus.

By-Laws Update: In May, the UCDRA received approval from the General Membership for our updated By-Laws as submitted. Our existing By-Laws had not been significantly updated since the inception of the Association and thus were in need of significant overhaul, which was approved and implemented.

Executive Board Manual: We will soon unveil our Executive Board Manual that will contain information pertaining to the Association. The manual will contain Mission Statement, By-Laws, schedule of events, award and special event information, to name a few sections of the manual.

Retiree Center Staff: Director Kyle Urban and his staff continue to do an outstanding job supporting UCDRA and UCDEA by offering one-on-one assistance to retirees as well as our Associations.

Brainfood Talks/Special Presentation: We continue to offer "Brainfood Talks" and have added a Speaker Series which are open to retirees, emeriti, students and all community members via Zoom. When compared to life without Zoom, we continue to see a much larger audience with the Zoom format. Hence, we plan to continue to use Zoom once in-person meeting/presentations resume.

Meeting with Emeriti Association: Meeting with Emeriti Association: The UC Davis Retirees' Association continues to enjoy a very cooperative and supportive relationship with our Emeriti Association. Not only do we have joint meetings of the two Associations, we schedule joint monthly meetings of the leadership.

Fundraising: The UCDRA and UCDEA have formed a Fundraising Committee that will make recommendations to each Association about Fundraising and where donations should be directed.


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