Retiree Association Support Program (RAPS)

Purpose and Criteria:

To support new initiatives, projects, and activities of the CUCRA member associations that are for the common benefit and are not covered by normal operating expenses. The intent of the program is to support projects that benefit campus/lab/OP retirees or their associations, and/or support new initiatives a retiree association would like to undertake for the benefit of UC and/or the retirees of the requesting organization.


Review Committee Membership

The committee will consist of three members, one being the Vice Chair of CUCRA who will act as Chair of the committee. The Chair will appoint the two other members, at least one being a non-CUCRA officer. To prevent any conflict of interest, the Chair (i.e., Vice Chair of CUCRA) will relinquish his/her role to another CUCRA officer if the Chair's association submits a proposal. Also, the other two other members will relinquish their role if their association submits a proposal.



Proposal Format:

(Download PDF description of RAPS)

(Updated April 2016)